Acadian Bakery, Inc.

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Who We Are

Acadian Bakery, Inc. was established October 13, 1980 by William "Bill" Anderson and his wife, Margaret Prejean Anderson of Lafayette, Louisiana. This spectacular bakery was handed down in January, 2005 to Anderson's grandson, Anthony Broussard, making it family owned and operated since opening. We began baking our french and garlic bread, our cajun sweetdough tarts and our cajun gingercakes to sell in small local grocery stores. The business has expanded to cover the majority of Louisiana and even into southeastern Texas. We are now selling to large and small restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, truck stops and supermarkets.

Our number one selling product is the Cajun Sweetdough Tart, also known as our Cajun Pie. This pie is a sweetdough tart filled with one of eight different fruit fillings. (Coconut, Pineapple, Apple, Lemon, Blackberry, Sweet Potato, Fig and Blueberry). The sweetdough tart recipe is over 100 years old. The owner's great-grandmother baked these tarts back in the old days which were served by the Cajuns on a regular basis filled with the fruit of the season. The dough was also baked without a fruit filling, being known as "teacakes".

Our best selling sweetdough tart is the Sweet Potato Pie. We make this sweet potato filling using yams from BRUCE FOODS, a Louisiana Company. All flavors of the Cajun Sweetdough Tart can be served with a warm custard sauce or ice cream. This is a Certified product of Cajun Louisiana.

The Cajun gingercake has the flavor of the old-fashioned Rock-n-Roll plank that was sold in the 1950's. The gingercake is made with a sweet vanilla icing or if you prefer, we also make them without icing, a plain gingercake. Let us know how you would like yours!!